Mate, you need a dingo in your backyard! No, not that kind of dingo – you need a dingo digger, something with the grunt to get the job done in no time. Hiring a dingo digger and a highly skilled operator from Jim’s Diggers will make short work of any job you have – from a site clear to a trench dig, from a post hole to a site level.

When you need a digger but access is tight we can help – our versatile and powerful machines are able to get into almost any space and can do virtually any job. Anything from site levelling to rubbish removal can be handled by Jim’s Diggers.

It’s important to note that you need to have a good operator, which is the key to a job done on time and on budget. With a skilled person at the controls they will be able to skilfully clear, dig, drill and scrape anything you need. You will need someone who is able to follow your instructions exactly, someone who has many years of experience with the machine, and someone who can use it with great dexterity and skill. And when you hire a dingo digger from us, this is exactly what you get.

The dingo digger is a great machine – it can do almost anything and get in almost anywhere. It has an incredible 850mm access so it can get into almost any space; it can do post hole drilling: dig precision trenches; level almost any site; turf preparation; and concrete & paving preparation.

When you need the job done well and you need it done quick you need to get a dingo and a good operator on the job. Find a good hire service, one that has the machines and the men to get it sorted.

Don’t do the hard work by hand, not when there is a dingo digger from Jim’s Diggers that is ready to do it for you. Call us on 131 546 and book your local operator today.