You have finally decided on your next summer renovation project—putting in that pool you have always wanted. Congratulations on starting your project! Now you might be left with wondering where to begin. When it comes to renovating and excavating, Jim’s Diggers has a way to help you regardless of the project. If it involves digging, Jim’s has diggers for hire! If it involves moving large amounts of dirt or brush, they have bobcats for hire. Or if you need to put in a fence, they have post hole diggers for hire.

Not only will he have diggers, bobcats and post hole diggers, they have a variety of equipment and are known as the tight access specialists with equipment that can get through a gap of 70cm wide. Suppose you need to include a post in a very small space between objects—then Jim’s Diggers are the specialists you will need. Or perhaps you need to excavate some land between two posts that have already been set very close together. Whatever may have caused the small space, Jim’s Diggers will be able to help you out.

Whether it is simple digging, hiring a bobcat, or using a post hole digger for hire, the equipment from Jim’s Diggers will always come with an experienced and qualified professional whom will work the equipment for you, greatly reducing the risk of on the job injury that often occurs with at home renovations. Better yet, no matter the job, these are the ones that will be able to work in the small spaces. Getting a digger, bobcat, or a post hole digger is always a good start, but don’t forget that Jim’s Diggers has a wide range of equipment and services to help see your project through from start to finish—including the rubbish pick up at the end!

Jim’s Diggers will always provide a friendly and professional worker, or workers, to assist with your project, helping you stress less during the project. Just give us a call on 131 546 and arrange for an obligation free quote so you know exactly how much your project would cost when using Jim’s Diggers – we’ll give you the right man, right machine & right time.