Need a Bobcat for your job on the Gold Coast?

Over the past few decades, the Gold Coast has gone from sleepy beach town to a bustling  metropolitan area. Development has been booming in the area, none of which would have been necessary without the right equipment! Bobcats are a trusted tool for the commercial and residential builder and landscapers.  If you’re one of the Gold Coast’s movers and shakers, make sure you go with a trusted provide and operator of Bobcat Hire – Jim’s is your choice!

What your Bobcat can do

Bobcats prefer to roam in wide open spaces. It’s a little difficult to get them into smaller spaces due to their size: they are somewhat larger than our Dingos. If you’ve got a site accessible via a driveway or road, however, a Bobcat should work a treat! They’re heavy-duty, hardworking pieces of machinery, and make a perfect choice for larger, heavier jobs. They’re renowned for being tough, so no matter how big your job, you can trust them to get it done! Moving and dumping, levelling and prepping: they are an all-rounder that won’t let you down. Although they might not fit into your average backyard, they are perfectly manoeuvrable and mobile. If you’re in the Gold Coast hinterland, with a little more open space, this might be your perfect match!

Why choose Jim’s?

At Jim’s, we take safety seriously. That’s why we only hire licensed, experienced practitioners to operate our Bobcats. When you hire a piece of equipment from Jim’s Diggers, you hire our operators too! Got a grand design for your waterfront mansion?  They’ll work in harmony with other contractors, and following instructions to a tee. Wherever your budget lies, we know it’s important that you stay within it. So, even before we arrange a date, you’ll know just how much your hire will cost. We offer a free quote on our website, so send in your project’s details today! Alternatively, give us a call on 131 546 and we’ll sort out your hire over the phone. Choose the most trusted Bobcat provider, get in touch with Jim’s Diggers!