Hire a Bobcat with Jim’s Diggers Ipswich!

Choosing the right equipment for your major (or even minor) job is never easy. Especially if you’re a do-it-yourself enthusiast who doesn’t have experience on their side…. So here’s how Jim’s of Ipswich makes it easy with our Bobcat service! We give you that golden combination of local knowledge, and commercial experience. And we back it all up with quality machinery, as well as hard-working and licensed contractors. No Jim’s service is a halfway service: we don’t provide our Bobcats without someone trained to operate them. Safety is never compromised, and neither is your outcome!

About the Bobcats

A Bobcat is more than just an earthmover. Our Bobcats aren’t just for the standard digging and shifting: they can be altered with attachments to fix you up for augering and trenching too! Our staff know how to tailor to your site, too. Some homes in Ipswich have the real advantage of driveway access to their backyards, which means that a Bobcat can easily find its way there to do landscaping work. Because of their slightly larger size, Bobcats are more commonly associated with commercial jobs, where access might be easier, but this does not mean they will be wholly unsuitable for a DIY home job! The best way to find out if these powerful mini loaders are right for your situation is to consult us directly: we will gladly assist you in any enquiries!

Why Jim’s is your perfect partner…

You know the name, and you know what it stands for! No-compromise service, by Ipswich locals, on time every time! When there’s a complicated job at home or work, don’t risk it with anyone else. We know how to work effectively alongside builders, electricians, and plumbers, so if you have a site that has pre-exisiting workers, you’re in luck! If you’d like to know just how much our Bobcat service will cost, you can enquire on 131 546, or on our website. We’re more than happy to talk through any concern or specifics of the job with you, so don’t hesitate to get in touch!