Jim’s: Woodvale’s Go-To Provider For Bobcat Hire

Got development project going in Woodvale? Not sure how your body will cope with the heavy loading work involved? We feel your pain. Take some of the strain out of your back and leave it to Jim’s Bobcat hire to do the hard yards for you. No matter where your project is based in Woodvale – from Woodvale Shopping Centre to Yellagonga Regional Park, Jim’s Bobcats can get to you. Our Bobcats are used in a variety of projects – from residential to commercial developments – by notable builders around Woodvale and Perth. Read on and find out how.

Meet Jim’s Bobcats

A Bobcat has almost if not the same functionality as our popular Dingo Diggers. They help landscapers level land, shift dirt, sand and gravel, as well as help clear out hard rubbish. However, they are slightly larger than other mini skid steer loaders and the Ding Digger, averaging about 1.2 meters wide. That means that they are a little more limited in residential sites, requiring driveway access to backyard areas. However, where the Bobcat makes up for its limitations is in its exceptional strength and durability for residential projects. Its larger size means greater efficiencies in loading, shifting and levelling earth and other landscaping components. Because of its superior toughness, it makes a competitive case against our usual Dingo Diggers – if not better!

Jim’s Bobcat Hire – We Deliver On Our Promises

You may have heard the Jim’s name around Woodvale before, and not surprisingly so. Jim’s is one of Australia’s iconic service providers, renowned for its reliability and transparency. We can get a free quote to you even before you need to book – no strings attached. And with all of our Bobcat Hire in Woodvale, we provide you with a trained operator that’s experienced in working to industry standards and with other contractors and tradies on site. So stop digging around and ask Jim’s Diggers about Bobcat Hire today – enquire online now.