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Jim’s excavation contractor Springfield can move mountains, dig foundations, level sites and take on other serious building and construction projects. We remove, reshape and reconstruct the earth to meet your specific requirements. The key to precision site cuts, levelling and digging, is the knowledge to read and understand site plans, council restrictions and engineer’s drawings. Jim’s excavation contractor Springfield can do all that, and more.

How your Jim’s excavation contractor Springfield can help:

Renovation or Rebuild: The first step to any home renovation project is the tear down. Jim’s Diggers are here to meet and exceed your expectations, every time. Carrying out the demolition and clearing the site properly is important to ensure the rest of your project runs smoothly. Our various earthmoving and excavation machines are perfect for site clearing and levelling, and rubbish removal. The best part is, because Jim’s excavation contractor Springfield is local, we can find the cheapest location for disposal of soil and rubbish in your area!

Commercial Site Work: For any commercial or industrial work, it’s important to a find reliable operator with a reputation for getting the job done right and on time! Jim’s Diggers have a wide range of all types of earthmoving machines, big and small. And our excavation contractor Springfield has vast experience with all types of commercial earthmoving, digging and trenching requirements. We understand that delays on site can be costly, so we aim to complete the job efficiently, safely and precisely, to let your other trades come in and get on with their job.

Trenching solutions: Whether it’s for irrigation, electrical, telecommunication or plumbing, many sites and excavations require trenching. Our machines come with a versatile range of attachments to suit the diverse types of trenching.

Excavation is not without risk. Hidden underground utility lines can be severed, trenches can collapse and heavy machinery is not only noisy, but also dangerous if used incorrectly. Jim’s excavation contractor Springfield is fully qualified, licenced and insured and believes that safety is paramount. All our operators adhere to strict OH&S practices. This ensures everyone’s safety on site, and eliminates the possibility of untimely delays.

For reliability and professionalism, call our experienced excavation contractor in Springfield on 131 546.