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Before you go about looking for reliable kanga loader hire Liverpool, it’s important to know exactly what a kanga loader is, and what it does. Jim’s Diggers have a full range of all types of digging and earthmoving machines, and it can save a lot of time when you choose the right machine for your job!

Kanga loaders were originally developed as a simple motorized wheelbarrow. With further extensive product development, it evolved into the machine that it is today, which is a compact earthmoving machine. It’s available in either a track or wheel option and is suitable for many digging and earthmoving tasks that don’t require a massive excavation machine.

The advantages of kanga loader hire Liverpool:

Because of their size and versatility, kanga loaders are a handy piece of equipment that is used by builders, landscapers, fencing contractors, turf installers, pavers and many more. Whether you need kanga loader hire Liverpool to perform post hole drilling, move hard rubbish or concrete, prepare your new landscape areas, level a site, trench for irrigation or electrical cables, they have many advantages:

  1. They are easy to use

Our trained kanga loader operators find these machines easy to use because they have great mobility and a clear field of vision. They are easy to steer and can fit in to smaller access spaces such as through gates and into backyards.

  1. They reduce the ongoing project costs

Kanga loaders have a range of attachments therefore the one machine can be used for a multitude of jobs. Attachments include 4 in 1 buckets for scraping, lifting and blading. However, if you need to move lighter materials around such as bark chips and sawdust, there is a mulch bucket attachment. There are digging and drilling heads for stumps and post holes as well as trenching attachments.

  1. High quality design and safety standards

Efficiency starts with design. Kanga loaders are built for power, speed and durability. This is vital for commercial construction projects that need to stick to tight deadlines. All Jim’s Diggers machines are regularly serviced to ensure there are no breakdowns on site that may cause time delays. They also come with a highly-trained operator, with years of experience to ensure the job is carried out efficiently and safely.
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