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Forget your shovel and wheelbarrow, hire a Mini Loader digger Penrith and get your landscaping job done quicker and easier! Jim’s Diggers take all the back-breaking out of your digging needs.

When a bobcat is too big and shovel is too small, Jim’s Diggers have Mini Loader diggers that will get the job done. Also known as mini loaders, these Mini Loaders are ideal to use on narrow or limited-access worksites. They are handy for moving and levelling soil, sand, mulch, gravel and rubble as well as for loading bins, trailers and trucks.

The Mini Loader digger Penrith has many different attachments for various types of digging and carrying work. There is a trenching attachment perfect for all electrical and plumbing trenching. There is a drilling attachment for post and stump hole digging. It also comes with a versatile 4 in 1 bucket attachment for levelling, clearing and carrying. With Jim’s Diggers, there’s no blood, sweat or tears required. Leave the hard yakka to us. Whether you’re preparing for new turf, installing a pool or laying brick paving, you can rely on Jim’s Diggers for labour-saving cost-effective Mini Loader hire across Penrith and surrounding suburbs.

Our Mini Loader digger Penrith comes with a highly trained and fully insured operator, so you won’t have to worry about a thing. This will give you complete peace of mind. The best part about having an expert Mini Loader digger operator on site, is that with his extensive experience comes expert advice if you need it.

Jim’s Diggers offer a no fuss, great value, straightforward Mini Loader digger Penrith hire service. We’re fast, reliable and economical. We also have a wide variety of other excavating and digging machines that are heavy duty, easy to manoeuvre and come equipped with industry-leading safety features. So, no matter what the project, commercial or residential, Jim’s Diggers can do it all. Before you start your next landscaping, construction or earthmoving project find out how we can help you. Call us on 131 546 today!