Need a mini loader? Jim’s Diggers are the experts in Carindale!

Carindale is a suburb of big developments. And we don’t just mean the shopping centre! Maybe you’re developing your home and garden. Maybe you’re more than a DIY-dabbler. Maybe you’re not sure if a Mini Loader is the right piece of equipment for you. Our goal here at Jim’s is to eliminate any of that uncertainty: our job is to make your job easy. That’s why every single one of our services in Carindale come with a fully-equipped Mini Loader operator. We know the importance of a holistic approach to digging services, and we’ll bet that after your job is done, you will too!

Your Mini Loader hire Carindale is…

Powered up with one of our experts at the controls, there’s little our little Mini loaders can’t do! Shifting, leveling and preparing for turf to be laid… Set us a challenge and watch us tackle it head on. Big jobs, home jobs, rubbish clearing jobs: we’re ready for anything. Your Mini Loader was designed for tight-access site work, so your backyard is still accessible even if there’s only a meter or so on your boundary. Our experience helps there, too: we know how to work with our Mini Loader .

When you work with Jim’s…

Other providers in Carindale let you loose with the Mini Loader gear alone. Without the support we give you, you could blow out completion time by days, weeks, months! Especially those who only have weekends to work on their DIY, you can’t afford to waste time or money! Let us do it all for you! There’s nothing better than knowing that everything is taken care of. And it will be when you call us on 131 546. We also do free quotes, which you can apply for online or via phone. We’re dedicated to giving the best service in Carindale. Our commitment is to you, and we look forward to working on anything you throw our way! At Jim’s, we say “let’s go!”