Jim’s Post Hole Diggers in Adelaide has got you covered!

With Adelaide’s boom in urban infrastructure, our Post Hole Diggers are getting lots of exercise these days. Whether you’re developing buildings from the ground up, or installing signs at your business site, our diggers are your ol’ reliables in getting the job done. We also leave nothing to chance in keeping to your project timelines with our fully-licensed and efficient operators. They’ll be there to make sure you get the most out of your digger and navigate the toughest of conditions, from wet, dry to hilly surfaces.

What your Post Hole Digger can do

Whether it’s a new letter box, or a new family home, Jim’s Post Hole Diggers helps you create a strong sturdy base for your project. We have numerous drill attachments for our Dingo Diggers, which creates holes that range from 200mm to 900mm wide, and up to 4 metres deep. The added bonus with Jim’s Post Hole Diggers is that they are highly maneuverable machines, suites to squeeze through smaller spaces than most construction machinery. So this makes them a good choice for backyard projects such as pergola installation. But don’t underestimate the Post Hole Digger’s small size. It’s strong and durable enough for your commercial projects on a variety on terrains – from erecting riverbank buildings to O-bahn Busway tracks.

The Jim’s Experience

A trusted Australian icon, we deliver on our promise with our highly-skilled and licensed operators. No matter whether you’re based in Adelaide, from Henley Beach or Elizabeth, you deserve the best quality diggers that work within your budget and schedule. With Jim’s Post Hole Diggers, you can leave put your worries to the side as we provide a free quote before you book! To get your free quote today, fill-in our obligation free quote request form online, or call us on 131 546 today!