Need a Post Hole Digger in Brisbane? Jim’s is waiting to hear from you!

Builders of Brisbane, amateur and professional, do you need a post hole digger? This specialised equipment is an essential for making the very foundations of your jobs, so be sure to give Jim’s a call before you get started! Our franchisees know Brisbane, ups and downs included. Nothing’s better than knowing your job is looked after by expert operators, and quality equipment. Don’t waste your time (and money) trying to learn a new piece of machinery! If you’re ready to start your project, Jim’s is ready to help!

Your post hole digger

It comes with its own operator, and post hole digging attachments. We cater to a variety of widths, all the way from a narrow 200mm to 900mm. For augering, boring, drilling…. This is your top-notch tool. We’ll make digging fence posts, sign posts, and foundations a breeze. The attachements are fitted to one of our most manoeuvrable pieces of machinery, so they have almost no worries getting into an area like your backyard. Perfect if you need to build a back fence! Or a back deck, for that matter! We can dig deep, too: anywhere up to four metres! That’s pretty deep…

The Jim’s Service

Quick, safe, on time, within budget. Those are the words that come to mind when our customers talk about us. We’ve delivering post hole digging services all over Brisbane, and are familiar with all the challenges that pop up along the way. We tailor our service to your unique needs and timeframes, so be sure to let us know just how we can help. We’re used to unusual requests, and we love a good challenge. We’re a cooperative bunch, and we’re experienced working with other services providers such as electricians or plumbers or builders. We take instruction, read site plans, and take all the necessary precautions specific to your site. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a free quote! Call 131 546 to start your project today!