The Post Hole Kings of Carindale

The Jim’s name was built on a strong foundation of locals servicing locals. And that’s how we continue to work. So when you need a post hole digger in Carindale, don’t call a big, faceless hiring service. Call your Jim’s of Carindale to get the job done by someone who really knows your area. After all, getting a digger to your site can be a challenge, and you need an operator that really understands the terrain that they’re working with!

Hiring a post hole digger: what you need to know

When you choose to hire a post hole digger, there are a few considerations to make. Firstly, what’s the width of the hole you need to bore? Is it narrow? Or are you as yet unsure? What is it you’re drilling for? If it’s fence posts, or house footings, you’ll need to let your digger operator know who they’ll be working with, whether it be yourself or another construction contractor. It’s likely, given the nature of a post hole digger’s service, that you will need us to work alongside another service provider such as a builder. When erecting a fence, stumping a house, this process might involve the interpretation of site maps. We ensure you of the competence and integrity of our operators in this field. Is it a Carindale mini-mansion with great side access, or is there little to no room to turn and swivel? Maybe you will need a consultation with one of our operators: we’re happy to provide one! Just let us know!

How Jim’s makes it easy…

If this sounds complicated, we ensure you that you needn’t worry! Part of the Jim’s philosophy is that we remove the hassle, so all you need to do is give us a few simple details! You can do this through a simple online booking form, or via phone: just call 131 546. Did you know you can even get a free quote? It’s true! Just contact us, and we’ll work out the rest! In Carindale, our experience is both in commercial and domestic projects, so we’re prepared for whatever you throw at us!