Looking for a Post Hole Digger on the Gold Coast? Look no further than Jim’s Diggers!

With its myriad of canals, and beachside homes, it’s no wonder that post hole diggers are in high demand. Our diggers can help dig holes for your pontoon or pier, something that many residents of the Gold Coast are searching for. But it’s not just pier holes we’ll help with! Jim’s has your solution for drilling jobs big and small! With the help of our trained operators and their machines, we make even the toughest of jobs easy, and we can easily manage tricky conditions like mud, silt, and rocks.

What your Post Hole Digger can do

We can help you with a full spectrum of tasks: from smaller tasks like erecting a sign post, to drilling for foundations of a family home, we’ve got the equipment you’ll need to master any task! We manage this by offering a wide range of driller attachments for our diggers, which range from 200mm width to 900mm. If you’re drilling deep, we’re prepared for that, too. We’ve got capabilities anywhere up to 4 metres in depth.

Because of Gold Coast’s special requirement for pier drilling, we know our range of pier drilling equipment has to be mobile and flexible: many homes only have access to the site of their pier via the back of their home. For this reason, the post hole diggers will often need to drive along a narrow gap beside the fence perimeter, and have to be small and agile.

Why Jim’s are the experts

Our service starts with highly skilled licensed operators, and ends within your budget and time schedule. You deserve the highest standard in diggers, and we deliver: literally. There are no messy costs to deal with either, as we give you access to a free quote before you even book! Go online to fill out your inquiry, or give us a call on 131 546! Commercial or domestic, there is no-one more experienced, enthusiastic, or reliable than Jim’s for post hole diggers!