Our post hole digger hire service: the Aspley locals

The residents of Aspley know that a Queenslander is two things: a kind of house with a deck, and a resident of this fine state! And both of those Queenslanders are nothing without a good balcony! When you work with Jim’s post hole diggers, your dream deck is just an afternoon away! But our post hole diggers and their operators can do so much more than prepare for a new balcony. And they’re not just for domestic jobs! If you need to bore a hole, or lay footings, a post hole digger is what you need. Whether you’re a big enterprise looking for a reliable digging partner, or a new home owner, we’re the right pick!

So why do you need a post hole digger?

Digging deep isn’t a challenge when you’ve got a post hole digger! Anywhere up to four metres in depth is a breeze! To us, “boring” doesn’t just mean watching grass grow! “Boring” is what our post hole diggers are great at! We can bore a hole of almost any width: 200mm, 300mm… up to 900mm! So, when you tell us a little about your job, we can tailor a solution specifically to the challenge!! Working in Aspley, we get a lot of requests for domestic work where accessing the site is one of those challenges. But, with our specialised equipment and specialist operators, we can make light work of the task at hand.

Jim’s for the job!

Jim’s in Aspley bears the Jim’s brand name, and that name means a quality service, integrity, and reliability. In the past, Jim’s has built up relationships of trust with many of Australia’s most reputable building associations. We’re no strangers to working in a team involving builders, plumbers, and electricians, so don’t worry about bringing us onto a site where there are multiple contractors! We may be a household name, but we’re not just a household operator! We’re no strangers to working on commercial sites, and rise to the associated challenges and deadlines. If it’s quality and peace of mind you’re after with your post hole digger service, you’ve come to the right place! Call us on 131 546, and claim your free quote today! We’re the trusted name in Aspley, and all over Australia.