For post hole diggers in Ipswich, call Jim’s!

Jim’s are the true authority on post hole diggers in Ipswich. It’s the benefit of being a locally-run business: there is every understanding of what a job in this area entails, and there is every effort to make design a service that works perfectly for you! Whether you’re thinking of standing up a pier, or need to dig the stumps on a new commercial project, Jim’s is the right call. We’re a household name, but we’re not just a household helper. We’re used to working on jobs that are outside of the domestic space, and even a little out of the ordinary….

Your post hole digger can…

If you’re not familiar with all the functions of post hole digger, you don’t have to worry! We provide an operator who knows it back to front. They’re also an Ipswich local, so you’re working with someone who’s an area expert. When you’re digging foundation and stumps, it’s pretty important that all goes to plan. You don’t want to end up in a situation where it could all fall down, after all! We take care of it all for you. We even offer variable drilling sizes, too, and can work towards the outcomes you desire. 250mm to 600mm, all your drilling needs are taken care of!

Why Jim’s is the one

We’re fully licensed, fully skilled, and fully prepared for any digging job. We take safety seriously, and always provide a practitioner with the equipment you hire. This way, you can get your post hole digging done without the looming danger of injury or property damage. Even in those tight spots! Is it a complicated job that requires more than one contractor? We’ve worked with some of Australia’s most notable builders and construction experts in the past, and are more than capable of cooperating with other workers on your site. Commercial or domestic, we’re the people for the job! For your free quote, you can call 131 546 or send an online enquiry. We look forward to hearing from you!