Jim’s Post Hole Diggers – for your Tea Tree Gully projects

Aussies value DIY skills as much as they love a holiday barbeque! But there’s fair risks involved in construction work bigger than your average bookshelf. If you need holes to be drilled for sign posts to building foundations, look no further than to Jim’s Diggers! We provide qualified and experienced operators with all of our Post Hole Diggers so you don’t have to put your wellbeing on the line. We service homes and businesses in Tea Tree Gully and all around South Australia!

The Beauty of Jim’s Post Hole Diggers

With many homes and families in Tea Tree Gully, bringing in oversized machinery into your neighbourhood can cause a real hazard and disturbance among your neighbours. The beauty of Jim’s Diggers is that it’s small enough to fit into your backyard, but powerful enough to drill holes up to 4 metres in the ground! You can request different sized diggers to suit the construction space as well as various drill widths from 200 metres to 900 metres.

Why choose Jim’s for your Hole Digging Needs

We prioritise safety before anything, so we provide a fully-trained and experienced operator with all of our hire services. They’re also familiar with working cohesively with contractors so you can rest assured they won’t leave any gaps in your project plans. We at Jim’s also understand the need to keep to tight timelines – especially working in areas with neighbours just a step away from project sites. So we provide you a quote on the cost and timeline for your Post Hole Digging work. If reliability and quality is what you need for your project, get a free quote on our Post Hole Diggers online. Or give us a call on 131 546 today!