Jim’s Diggers: Your guy for Trencher Hire in Adelaide

Need a trencher for your plumbing or electrical work? Look no further than to Jim’s Trenchers! Whether you’re working along the coastline, or in Adelaide CBD, it’s essential that you’ve got reliable gear and experienced practitioners onsite. That’s why Jim’s has got you covered all over Adelaide – whether you’re a builder or a DIY renovator.

What you need your Trencher for

If you’re installing underground pipes, wires or cables, you’re going to need a trencher. Plumbers and electricians are familiar with this tool that helps create a trench for your underground passageway. Trenchers come as an attachment to our Dingo Diggers, which makes it sizable in any construction site from backyard renovations to commercial projects in Adelaide. Our range of trencher sizes also make it easy to scale-up or scale-down according to your project needs and space requirements. So whether you’re installing an irrigation system, or backyard lighting, Jim’s Diggers has got trencher hire for your budget and timeline.

Why Jim is number one in getting the job done

Ask any of Adelaide’s most trusted builders about Jim’s and they’ll tell you one thing: We don’t settle for “good enough”. We’re thorough in safety with our operators and your contractors on site. Every one of our operators are fully licenced and experienced in adhering to construction regulations by Safe Work Australia. We at Jim’s also work within the promised timeframe – no exceptions! We’re get you frustrations in planning projects that end up finishing weeks to months beyond expectation, which is something that happens more than it should. So if you’re keen on a reliable and high-quality experience, give Jim’s a call for a free quote and get that project finished on time!