For Trencher Hire on the Gold Coast, Jim is your guy!

Doing some plumbing or electrical work at a site on the Gold Coast? You’ll need a Trench Digger! When working in an area like the Gold Coast, that has varying terrain types– from sand to marsh– it’s important that you have the right gear, and the right practitioner on board with you. That’s why Jim’s is servicing the whole Gold Coast area: to fill the needs of both pro builders, and home renovators.

What you need your Trencher for

The name speaks for itself, really! Plumbers and electricians would be familiar with this tool, as it can make light work of some of their most challenging tasks. Attached to the front of one of our Dingos, a trencher can make the work of laying pipes, wires and cables easy. They’re even useful when building a new irrigation system, which can be important if you’re wanting to safeguard against the dry Gold Coast winters. From something as small as a backyard, to as big as a golf course, Jim’s Diggers has got your solution lined up! We have a range of trencher attachments in various sizes.However, all of our diggers are highly manoeuvrable, so they can operate in tight spaces with minimal fuss!

Why pick Jim’s?

Jim’s Diggers are the trusted name for trenchers on the Gold Coast, because we don’t settle for “good enough”. Every aspect of our service brings safety, ease, and value to the fore. We hire all our trenchers out with a specialist operator, who is fully-licensed in accordance with all construction safety guidelines. This removes the risk of trying to do the work yourself, either without the equipment, or without a license. Our operators are highly cooperative, and will happily work alongside any plumber or sparkie who is working on your site. Don’t cut corners, give us a call! When you get in touch– either by phone or online– you can get a free quote. For an on-time, on-budget trencher, Jim’s is your pick! Give us a call on 131 546.