If you need to hire a Trencher in Henley Beach, you can’t do better than Jim’s!

Life in Henley Beach is pretty sweet: you have the proximity to the city, and the proximity to the sand that other suburbs could only dream about. At Jim’s, we let you get back to the easy life sooner, with our stress-free Trencher hire services. By providing the operator for you, we take the risk and the worry out of doing it yourself. Find out how Jim’s makes it easier and cheaper than traditional DIY hire services!

Our Trenchers, and how they work for you

Building a better home? A better, more efficient irrigation system might be on the cards. If so, a trencher is going to be an important part of your job! We offer a diverse range of trencher fittings for the people of Henley Beach, so you can be sure your needs will be met. We can dig trenches even up to 1 meter deep! Our trencher fittings are attached to one of our super-manoeuvrable mini-loaders, so your can be sure they’ll manage any tight spot you put them in. Our operators know their way around a building site, and are always happy to work alongside other trained professions, such as plumber and electricians, who might also be involved onsite.

The Jim’s Big Difference

Trenchers can be magic in the right hands. We’re your all-round digging solution, as we’re just as suited for commercial big-builds as we are for the backyard. To every trenching job, we bring with us the training and initiative that can only come with experience! Your bottom line is our bottom line, so we work as speedily and safely as we can, and offer a free quote on request. Our services are a more cost-efficient alternative to the full-DIY services that other hire companies provide, as we finish in under half the time it would take a beginner to familiarise themselves with the equipment. Jim’s is the logical solution: start your job today! Give us a call on 131 546!