Do you need a trencher for your Ipswich site?

Jim’s is the trusted name when it comes to diggers, and trenchers are absolutely no exception. We’ve been working in Ipswich for some time now, and we’re locals, too! It helps when the operator of your trencher knows the soil they’re working on. And, as you might expect, it takes the stress off your timeline, too… And when time equals money, you’re surely glad to hear that. We’re happy to be involved in anything from a home garden job, to the clear-up on a big commercial build: we’ve done both before! Our operators know your area, and they know what they’re doing. You take no gamble when you choose Jim’s for trenchers!

Why you’ll need a trencher…

Trenches big and small are used in a whole host of tricky jobs. Some are electrical: like laying cables for phone lines and power generators. And some might be more in the plumbing scheme of things: preparing for pipes, or indeed working in their repair. Trenchers are seriously useful bits of gear! But this does mean you’re likely to end up with multiple contractors on site at the same time. Don’t stress: our operators know how to deal with these situations! We’ve worked on a number of such sites in Ipswich, and we’re proud to say that we manage it every time! Our technicians can read and interpret important documents such as site maps, and take detailed instruction from plumbers, electricians, or associated tradespeople.

Part of the Jim’s Family

You can be confident when you work with Jim’s of Ipswich: we’re part of a national team dedicated to making your life easier. We make your trencher service as simple as we can, because we know you don’t need the added hassles! Rely on us for a free quote that’s also free of obligations. You can also rely on us to comply to industry standards for safety, and to work effectively with other contractors. Ultimately, when you choose Jim’s, you know that it will be a job well done. We offer a free quote so that costs are understood and agreed upon before you sign anything. So give us a call on 131 546! We look forward to making your next job a breeze!