For Trencher Hire in Sydney, Jim’s The One!

Need a Trench Digger for your plumbing or electrical installations? Sydney thrives in and over the hills right along the bay which makes for the use of oversized machinery ineffective. That’s why Jim’s Diggers are a favourite choice for trusted contractors and builders across Sydney and Australia. Whether it’s a commercial project in Olympic Park, or bayside renovation in Kirribilli, Jim’s Trencher Hire has got you covered all over Sydney!

Using A Trencher

Plumbers and electricians utilise Trenchers to create passageways to install underground pipes, cables or wires. Trenchers are essential to minimises valuable time out of your project in which you would otherwise spend an entire day shovelling a trench wide and deep enough manually. But the great thing about these Diggers is that you’ll get mobility and industrial strength and durability in the one machine. They are the optimal size to navigate the hilly and uneven surfaces along Sydney’s bays while being strong enough to dig a depth of up to 1 metre.

Why pick Jim’s?

Jim’s Diggers are the trusted providers of trenchers in Sydney, because we don’t settle for “that will do”. Every aspect of our service brings safety, ease, and value to the fore of our work.

All our trenchers are hired out with a specialist operator, who is fully-licensed in accordance with all construction regulations by Safe Work Australia. This removes the risk of trying to do the work yourself, either without the equipment, or without a licence.

Jim’s Diggers operators are highly cooperative, and will happily work alongside any plumber or sparkie who is working on your project. Don’t put it off any longer – give us a call! When you get in touch– either by phone or online– you can get a free quote. For an on-time, on-budget trencher, Jim’s is your pick! Give us a call on 131 546.