Do you want a trencher for your job in Tea Tree Gully?

Jim’s has the solution to all your trenching needs all around the Tea Tree Gully area! We’re the experts in our field, and in your postcode, so we’re ready to give you the service you need and require! It’s easy to get the job done when you’ve got a Jim’s trained-and-tested operator to do it for you! Yep, things are a lot simpler when you have the right guys for the job!

About your Trencher

Our licensed technicians fit a digger with the trencher attachment, and they dig it all for you. For ditches up to 1 metre deep, you can’t find a more comprehensive service. Trenchers are often used in conjunction with the expertise of electricians, plumbers, or networking specialists, as they’re great for laying pipes and cabling. For this reason, our technicians are always happy to work with any other tradies on site, and are happy to consult any sitemaps you provide them. The trenchers themselves are attached to a Dingo Digger, which is a favourite among tradies for its compact size, and top-quality results. It’s a great help to have a machine that can not only move the load, but move it into a confined space when necessary!

Why choose Jim’ for Trenchers?

At Jim’s we’ve got the expertise, and the attitude to get your job done! We are committed to deadlines, and even help you get your work done early through the mastery of our operators. That’s the Jim’s difference: on time, within budget, and above expectations! Choosing us as your provider is a choice for safety of your site, too: we recognise how dangerous heavy machinery can be for those with limited experience, and for this reason only hire out machinery with their licensed practitioners. For your job in Tea Tree Gully to be a success, Jim’s is your essential ingredient! Be sure to give us a call on 131 546, and ask for a free quote. Or contact us online through our website! We’re here to help, so let us know!