If you have a small job or just a small backyard, the Mini Bobcat is for you. At just a metre wide with its bucket, the Mini Bobcat can go through gates, doorways, and other narrow spaces with ease.

The Mini Bobcat is an incredibly versatile machine, as it can do pretty much anything you need done on a site. The Mini Bobcat is the ideal site levelling machine, flattening it perfectly in no time. It is also excellent for soil removal – it will remove soil in minutes, not hours. The Mini Bobcat can even remove rubbish and they will dispose of it too. It can also make turf preparation a breeze as well as helping with concrete & paving preparation.

The key is to find a company to hire the Mini Bobcat from. You need one that has expert operators as the operator’s skills and communication ability are essential to the outcome of the job. You need an operator that has great experience with the machine – someone who is able to work it quickly but accurately. They also need to be expert at following instructions, at listening to what you need and delivering it. This makes the job as stress-free for you as possible. The operator will turn up, take care of the situation in no time and you can be sure that the job is done right the first time. This is where Jim’s Diggers shines – we have the machines, the experience and the network of operators to get your job done when you want it, how you want it.

With a good Mini Bobcat hire service like Jim’s Diggers you can get the Mini Bobcat and an expert operator who can get the most out of this machine. It is the most cost effective and efficient method of get site work, prep or rubbish removal, so use a great company with skilled operators – Jim’s Diggers. Don’t spend days or weeks doing what the Mini Bobcat can do in minutes, just call us now on 131 546 and an expert operator who can take care of the rest for you.