Site Clearing and Levelling

At Jim’s Diggers, we provide fully trained, licensed and certified franchisees who will bring the excavation equipment needed for your site clearing or site levelling job to you and will operate everything for you. You are getting both the machine and the operator required to perform the tasks.

Our team of experienced site leveling operators will remove material from your site in our own trucks or we can assist in arranging skip bins for the removal of all excess material.

We are experienced in creating level areas in preparation for lawns, gardens, paving, decking, concreting and sheds and will give you the perfect flat surface for your next project.

Stump & Post Hole Drilling

If you are installing any decking, piers, fences, billboards or anything else that requires a hole drilled, our experienced operators can drill it for you. Our operators are expert in stump hole and post hole drilling.

This includes preparation for post hole drilling, holes in the ground for decking or house piers.

We also drill holes for sign post footing and billboards. Our operators are fully qualified and will bring all necessary equipment for the job and will do the work for you. Where required we will also assist with the removal of all excess material from the stump and post holes.

Construction Site Clean Up

Even before a project commences, there can be all manner of rubbish on a site that needs to be removed before work begins. We don’t just supply equipment and operators, we can also do pre-commencement construction site clean ups on commercial and residential building sites.

All our franchisees work within their own local areas and have expert local knowledge on finding the cheapest location for the removal of particular materials in your area.

Jim’s Diggers will leave your construction site clean and tidy for the next stage of your project.

Landscape Preparation

Our team have years of experience in landscape soil preparation and give great advice.

Our skilled operators will get the job done right the first time and save you from taking on potentially hazardous excavation tasks on your own.

Believe it or not, it is actually safer and more economical to use our operators and outdoor landscaping machines than to hire a machine and have a go yourself. Give us a call, we’d be happy to chat about your next project.

Site Excavation

At Jim’s Diggers, we have a close relationship with many of Australia’s major builders. Our experienced operators will work with builders in site excavation for foundations and building footings.

Our trained operators will read site plans and specific directions and carry them out appropriately.

We are experienced in levelling surfaces in preparation for lawns, gardens, paving, decking, concreting and sheds and will give you the perfect flat surface for your next project. As well as with site excavating footings we can also remove all rubble and rubbish and dispose of it for you in our trucks or skips.

Turf Preparation

Jim’s Diggers franchisees are professionals in removing old lawn in preparation for laying new turf. Many of our franchisees are specialised in turf preparation and turf installation.

If needed, we can bring in new loam as well as supplying and laying your new turf for you.

Our experienced staff can share professional tips and advice for your next project.

We can also help level site-surfaces to assist with water flow and making lawn water wise in an environmentally friendly manner.

Concrete Cutting & Removal

Jim’s Diggers can assist with the cutting and removal of old driveways, footpaths and asphalt surfaces.

We are concrete breaker specialists and have a full range of equipment ready to tackle most size jobs with tight access a specialty.

Contact us today to arrange a free on site quote and we can cut, pull up and remove that tired out concrete driveway in no time.

Rubbish Removal

Any work involving diggers and site excavation is going to produce waste that needs to be removed. Whether it is soil, vegetation or other rubbish, our trucks can remove the site waste for you or we can assist in arranging skip bins for removal.

We will save you time and the hassle of doing it all yourself, including having to visit the rubbish tip. We work quickly and safely to remove all unwanted rubbish and soil from your property or site.

Our franchisees are able transform your property in a matter of hours—and we can take on both commercial and domestic jobs.

Renovation and Construction

When undertaking a major renovation or construction project, excavating a site is often a necessity. There are often old concrete slabs and footings that need to be removed. A Jim’s Diggers franchisee can remove these for you and get you ready for the next stage of your site development.

Our franchisees can supply rock and concrete breaker excavator attachments for construction projects, which can break up the concrete for easier removal. If this is required we will make sure to send you someone who is fully qualified and experienced for this task.

We have a large range of mini loaders, skid steers and excavators that our operators use for all aspects of renovation and construction. Whether it is tight access footings, plumbing and electrical extensions, demolition of existing constructions and the removal of unwanted debris.

When you hire Jim’s Diggers, you are hiring the equipment as well as an experienced technician who can operate them for you. We do all the hard work saving you both time and effort in construction and renovation jobs.

Concrete & Paving Preparation

We can help level sites in preparation for paving and concreting projects.

Our trucks or skip bin service will remove old soil, paving and concrete and dispose of it in preparation for new surfaces. Our mini loaders and skid steer operators can remove old soil, bricks, paving and concrete. Creating the right levels and cut outs in preparation for new surfaces and disposing of all excess material via our tip trucks or the arrangement of skip bins.

Our trained and skilled franchisees all work well with other concrete paving specialised trades and can work together to get everything done in a timely manner.

Pool and Spa Excavation

If you are having a pool or in-ground spa installed, you will need someone to do some excavation. One of our local experienced Jim’s Diggers franchisees can do this for you.

We offer small and large excavators suited to digging holes for both spas and larger pools as well as experienced and qualified staff to operate them.

Our staff regularly work with pool supply companies and help in pool excavation to exact measurements for the perfect pool installation.
We can also remove the excavated dirt from your property in either our trucks or skip bins.