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Are you planning any construction or development projects that involve digging and excavation?

If so, it’s imperative to know where any underground services are located before you dig. Safe digging is everyone’s responsibility however, it’s not an easy task. Don’t risk it, call Jim’s Diggers for safe and reliable service location.

There are thousands of kilometers of buried utilities beneath the surface of the earth like water, electricity and natural gas, that are vital to everyday living. Jim’s Diggers have a team of experienced and professional underground service locators to assist with the detection, identification, and location of these utilities. We will find and mark out all services located on your property including telecommunications, gas, water, electricity, sewer and storm water.

Benefits of Jim’s Diggers Service Location:

Due to many upgrades to our infrastructure over the last few years, locating services before you dig has become crucial.
The most important reason being safety! Hitting an underground cable or pipe can have horrific consequences such as injury or death. It could also cause major damage to your property or to the local community by way of service outages.

For safety’s sake, before you start, contact Jim’s Diggers underground service location team to locate any utility lines on your site.

When it comes to the underground service location, we use the latest technology which includes the new RD8000 Location System.
The RD8000 is one of the world’s most advanced pieces of specialized equipment. It delivers speed, accuracy, and reliability. Best of all, it uses non-invasive locating technology, therefore, your property will remain intact!

In addition to all this, you can increase the productivity and efficiency on your work-site by knowing where the underground pipes or cables are. With our service location, there will be no unexpected hazards or interruptions to your workflow.

Jim’s Diggers is all about safety and peace of mind. Rest assured that we are fully covered with professional indemnity and public liability insurance.

We find cables and pipes safely, the easy way, so you don’t have to find them the hard way. Call Jim’s Diggers before you dig, on 131 546.