Here at Jim’s Diggers we pride ourselves on our expertise, all of our operators are highly skilled digger drivers, but we do more than just digging, we are also the stump hole drilling pros, with all the right skills and gear to offer fast and effective stump hole drilling when you need it. We have got the right man and the right machine for all your stump hole drilling needs.

There are a number of different reasons you may need stump hole drilling.

Fencing: when you are building a fence one of the most laborious aspects of the job is digging the holes. With Jim’s on the job you can get the holes drilled in a short amount of time. Even better each hole will be the exact width and depth you need. Turn what could take days into a short job with a professional drilling the fence holes for you.

Decking: if you are adding a deck onto your home then you need to make sure that all the pier holes are well lined up and are the right depth, the deck needs to be well positioned and that all starts with the stump holes. With Jim’s Diggers on the job you will get perfect holes so you can build the perfect deck. Don’t break your back when there is a stump hole drill waiting to do the job for you.

House Piers: building a home is one of the most exciting things you can do but it is also costly and stressful. Getting a structure off to the right start is vital and nothing is more important than making sure the foundations are true. If your house is going on piers or piles then you need to make sure that these have been drilled to the required depth and are perfectly spaced and positioned. Jim’s Diggers have many years of experience in drilling house pier holes and will ensure that every hole is drilled with pinpoint accuracy. Get your building off to the best start with Jim’s Diggers.

Billboards and signs: when you are putting billboards and signs up speed is off the essence, whether it is for a new housing development or a political campaign, you want to get the billboard or sign up as quickly as possible. Call Jim’s Diggers and in no time you will have the holes drilled and ready for your billboard.