While everyone knows that Jim’s Diggers love digging holes did you know thats no way near all that we can do. Below is just a sample of the many other services we offer. Everything from Concrete Cutting to locating your underground Services we are the team for you


At Jim’s Diggers we will work with building contractors on-site reading site plans and follow specific directions and carry them out appropriately. Our operators are experienced with site excavation for foundations and footings. Plus we can also remove all soil, rubble and rubbish from site and dispose of it for you in our trucks and skips provided on site.


When undertaking a major renovation or construction project, excavating a site is often a necessity. There are often old concrete slabs and footings that need to be removed. A Jim’s Diggers franchisee can remove these for you and get you ready for the next stage of your site development.

Our franchisees can cut concrete with specialist road saws or utilise concrete breaker excavator attachments for construction projects, which can break up the thick concrete slabs for easier removal.  Jim’s Diggers can also assist with the cutting and removal of old concrete driveways, footpaths and asphalt surfaces.


We can help level sites in preparation for paving and concreting projects. Our trucks or skip bin service will remove old soil, paving and concrete and dispose of it in preparation for new surfaces. Our certified and experienced franchisees all work well with other concrete paving specialised trades and can work together to get everything done in a timely manner.


Before you start any construction or landscaping project it’s imperative to know where all underground services are located before you dig. There are thousands of kilometers of buried utilities beneath the surface of the earth like water, electricity and natural gas, that are vital to everyday living.

Jim’s Diggers have a team of experienced and certified underground service locators to assist with the detection, identification, and location of these utilities. We will find and mark out all services located on your property including telecommunications, gas, water, electricity, sewer and storm water.

Safe digging is everyone’s responsibility.   Don’t risk it. Call Jim’s Diggers before you dig for safe and reliable service.


Even before a project commences, there can be all manner of rubbish on site that needs to be removed before work begins. We don’t just supply equipment and operators, we can also do pre-commencement construction site clean ups on commercial and residential building sites.

All our franchisees work within their own local areas and have expert local knowledge on finding the most cost-effective location for the removal of materials in your area. Jim’s Diggers will leave your construction site clean, tidy and safe for the next stage of your project.


Any work involving diggers and site excavation is going to produce waste that needs to be removed. Whether it is soil, plants or other rubbish, our trucks or skip bins can remove the site waste for you. We will save you time and the hassle of doing it all yourself, including having to visit the rubbish tip. We work quickly and safely to remove all unwanted rubbish and soil from your property or site.

Our franchisees are able transform your property in a matter of hours—and we can take on both commercial and domestic jobs.


Jim’s Diggers franchisees are professionals in removing old lawn in preparation for laying new turf, plus we give great advice. Our skilled operators will get the job done right the first time and save you from taking on potentially hazardous excavation tasks on your own.

Believe it or not, it is actually safer and more economical to use our operators and outdoor landscaping equipment than to hire a machine and have a go yourself.

We are also experienced in levelling surfaces in preparation for lawns, gardens, paving, decking, concreting and sheds and will give you the perfect flat surface for your next project.


At Jim’s Diggers we understand you do not always have the time to do things for yourself. We can make your life easier by offering a variety of sand and soils, suitable for all your home, gardening, and construction needs. Not only can we supply the product, we can also deliver and have it spread it by skilled machinery operators. Competitive pricing and obligation free quotes to all areas.

Whether it be getting your back yard ready for paving, or lawn installation. Even making a play area for the kids, or a front yard makeover, we have the right product for you: Top Soil, Crushed Rock, Toppings, Screenings, Paving Sand, Bark and Mulch.