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Don’t break your back by digging holes by hand, call Jim’s Diggers post hole drilling Stafford. Not only is it hard work digging or drilling with a hand held auger, it takes time. Time is money. Let the experts do it for you so you can get on doing what you do best.

Make the most of the current housing boom; with Stafford being a high demand market, why not capitalise on your property with some updates, deck extensions, fencing or landscaping? Jim’s post hole drilling Stafford can help with all this and much more. With our full fleet of digging and earthmoving machines, we can provide any excavation service imaginable. We have a highly-trained team of experienced operators that come with all our machines, so you can be sure all your drilling needs will be expertly taken care of.

Post Hole Drilling Stafford

If you’re re-stumping your property, you’ll understand that starting with the right foundations is crucial to your home’s new beginning. It’s important to hire professionals who specialise in drilling and digging, and Jim’s Diggers certainly know how to do this better than anyone else. Our operators have the skills and expertise to follow building plans, council regulations and engineer’s drawings. We can drill your holes with precision and perfection so that your foundations will be as solid as a rock.

The same applies when building a new fence or adding a deck to your home. It needs to be straight and sturdy. Our post hole drilling Stafford team are experienced drilling specialists who ensure that the holes for your new fence or building project are done with supreme accuracy.

Is it time to revamp the garden? Jim’s Diggers have mini loaders and excavators that make quick work of removing old garden beds, clearing the site and creating the shape of the new landscape. Then when it comes time to planting large shrubs or trees, Jim’s post hole drilling Stafford can dig the holes quickly and easily. Planting a garden doesn’t need to be exhausting, when it’s done quickly with the right machines, the results are almost instant! Sit back and admire!

For quick and easy post hole drilling Stafford, call Jim’s Diggers on 131 546.