Number one in Trencher Hire: Jim’s Diggers Carindale!

If you work or live in Carindale, and need to hire a trencher, you’d be mad not to go with Jim’s! For a tough trencher, and a trained franchisee who does it all for you, there really is nobody else who comes close! We know Carindale, and we know how to bring a job to completion: what else do you need?

What your trencher can do for you

Plumbers need trenchers. Electricians need trenchers. Technicians need trenchers. Does your project? If you’re unsure as to whether a trencher is the right choice for you, ask the following: does my job involve lay pipes? Cables? Wires? Irrigation systems? If so, the chances are that you’ll be needing a trencher! Our trenchers are attached to the front of a mini-loader, and boast the same flexibility of these powerful little machines, as well as the same pushing power

Jim’s: The right choice for trenchers

We know our way around a building site! When you work with Jim’s, you’ll never have to worry that we’ll misread site plans, or misinterpret instructions from other workers on site. Our franchisees are more than happy to liaise with other contractors, and have experience in doing so. With our operators on the job, you know you’re getting a premium quality service with attention to detail in every aspect, and you know they’ll be working hard for your desired outcomes! We’re the experts in the Carindale area, so any queries will be answered when you contact us on 131 546. Don’t forget you can get a free quote at the same time! You can also send us an enquiry from our website! With Jim’s, it’s the convenience and quality that matters, so you can be sure we’ll take into account any special requirements you have. Call Jim’s in Carindale, and hire the trenchers you can trust!